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EnduraData Scheduler Configuration



edscheduler - EnduraData Job Scheduler




edscheduler is enduradata job scheduler process. This process reads the configuration file edscheduler.cfg, parses it when it changes and automatically schedules tasks to run when the specified conditions are met.

Please setup the timezone. Consult $ED_BASE_DIR/etc/readme_timezone.txt for the appropriate time zone for your area and put it in $ED_BASE_DIR/timezone. (Windows use %ED_BASE_DIR)

Configuration file format edscheduler.cfg

Configuration file format

The configuration file has the following format:


        1 * * * * c:\\enduradata\edpcloud\bin\edstat >> c:\logs\stats
        30 23 * * * c:\\enduradata\edpcloud\bin\edjob >> c:\logs\jobs
        * 0 * * * c:\\enduradata\edpcloud\bin\edq -l us2london -n c:\outgoing\london
        * 5 * * * c:\\enduradata\edpcloud\bin\edq -l ".*" -r virginia09 -n c:\images\station19

This example shows that:

(a) we dump the stats to a log file every hour of the day at minute 1 past the hour. (b) we dump the job log to a log file at 11:30 pm every day. (c) we queue the content of directory c:\outgoing\london for distribution to link us2london. We do this every day at midnight. (c) we queue the content of directory c:\images\station19 for distribution to all links in receiver virginia09. We do this every day at 5am.


This example shows that we queue /data/fr/paris to be sent to link named france and receiver paris. This happens at 1:30 am every Sunday.

Extending the GUI with new schedule operations

The schedule tab in the GUI can configure many operations. It can also be extended to process other operations.

To add custom operations edit SRVROOT/private/ed/templates/scheduler.php and add it as follows and create ednewscript bash script or ednewscript.bat under edpcloud/bin directory.

  <option value="ednewscript" <?php echo $_['operation']=='ednewscript'?'selected="selected"':'' ?>>NewCustomScript</option>


$ED_BASE_DIR/etc/eddist.cfg $ED_BASE_DIR/etc/edpasswd $ED_BASE_DIR/etc/edscheduler.cfg $ED_BASE_DIR/etc/timezone ./private/ed/templates/scheduler.php


edintro(8) edresume(8) edpause(8) edstat(8) edjob(8) edq(8) eddist.cfg(5)


The status is 0 on success.


ED_BASE_DIR: This is the name of the top directory where the content distribution software is installed. This directory will also contain various configuration, journals and log files.


For more information about how to configure or manage your file replication and transfer contact <support@enduradata.com>


A. A. El Haddi, elhaddi@ieee.org
A. Mouhou mouhou@enduradata.com